On Twop of the World: Schreiner and Wollstonecraft Went After Each-Other!

Click Here for the Storify Record of this Twitter Conversation

For one strangely-exciting December 11th afternoon, Mary Wollstonecraft could be seen on Twitter remarking on Olive Schreiner’s fairly standard first Tweet, where she said she was”Just setting up [her] Twitter. #myfirstTweet.” Although these accounts have not been verified by Twitter, I have a powerful hunch that these are the real icons now part of the virtual Twitter-sphere. While not on good terms, women of their nobility can always kiss and make up!

Fixated on a possible dialogue between her and Schreiner, Wollstonecraft demanded their talk be centralized around women’s rights and possible shortcomings in this modern, technologically-developed society. Although not extensive on that subject, Schreiner and Wollstonecraft bashed on the Twitter forum’s suitability for issues of such significance, and even went as far as referring to a “Clementine Black or Octavia Hill perspective.” That’s quite a statement!

After scavenging the dear Internet, I’ve come across their texts “A More Excellent Way of Charity” and “Dislike to Domestic Service,” which sound intriguing by their titles. Beneath that, the text is pretty wordy and has a self-satisfied vibe to it. Not critiquing Olive’s tastes in readings, as taking her uber-seriously this soon would probably give unconscious life greater appeal to her. Wollstonecraft, on the other hand, had a flare to her messages that peaked in her Tweeting: “Since when must you exceed one sentence to speak your mind?” Gosh, what a Tweet!

After exchanges of images and Tweets alike, their spat drew to a close with Wollstonecraft giving the last, emphatic words: “Is it needless to remind you of the scale this information can travel? Any Tweeter can peruse the words you’ve typed.” Apparently Wollstonecraft was the quickest to accustom with the scope of Twitter. Who would’ve thought!


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