Beeton’s Blog of Household Management

I somehow came to acquire a new form of spreading knowledge, that was introduced to me as titled “The Blog”. I have been told it is a ghastly shorter way of writing, but that even more people will come to read it then books, which is something that will act in my advantage. In case you do not recall who I am, I am Isabella Beeton, the famous writer and journalist that has sold over 60,000 according to my page of Wikipedia that my employer showed me. I am not sure, however, that this person who has employed me to write a daily blog truly believes that I am Isabella Beeton in the flesh. Well, to continue on with this writing, I must introduce the topic of discussion for today. As I familiarize myself with the new world around me, I have come to conclude that the most elite family currently inhabiting this time period holds the title as “The Kardashians”. While indulging myself in research about this family, I have come to realize that they have disregarded the majority of my rules and are struggling to maintain their fortune. One example of their chosen deviance consists of the choice of acquaintances. As I have advised, “A gossiping acquaintance, who indulges in scandal and the ridicule of her neighbors, should be avoided at pestilence.” (254 Beeton). From my observations, the Kardashian family often takes pleasure in gossiping about daily events that hold little to no meaning to the household and in result created unnecessary tension between the women.

I have also advised previously that “One is apt to become narrow-minded by living too much in the home circle.” (254 Beeton). This is exactly what has happened in the realm of the Kardashians, as they no longer receive fresh ideas of the world around them and solely focus on the bickering in their own household. I am appalled by what has happened to this poor family, being that they are lost in the world and have no proper guidance from the elder women around them. Kris Jenner, whom I’ve perceived to be the mother of the household, is the one who often complains the most about events and worries the children around her. As I have held as a strong personal value, while speaking in conversation it is best to keep your worries and troubles to yourself instead of spreading them to your friends. But, as I continue to watch the lives of these poor women, I have recorded that the bulk of the Kardashian discussions are purely complaints and petty annoyances.


Now, not all of what the Kardashians involve themselves with is entirely bad. I have often seen the women managing each other, in order to keep operations running smoothly and timely. Although they may not keep accounts of their spending, they often discuss with one another what they have purchased and encourage one another to pursue their desires. The Kardashians are also extremely social, an important aspect of remaining an honorable mistress. They also successfully host and attend many events, some being dinner parties from the looks of it, and that is a skill many of the women of my day stressed vigorously over. However, they have much to learn about proper party etiquette. There is only one aspect of their lives I am not quite familiar with; Caitlyn Jenner. But perhaps that can be discussed another time


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